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Don’t tie the hands of the incoming council – stop the sale of City Care

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Minto for Mayor

14 July 2016

Media release:

Mayoral candidate John Minto is calling on the outgoing Mayor and councillors to halt the process to sell the council’s works company City Care.

“We are now less than three months from the local body election and councils should not be making major decisions which tie the hands of an incoming council.”

This is especially so in Christchurch because neither the Mayor nor any of the seven councillors who voted to sell City Care had an electoral mandate to do so. There was no proposal to sell assets and no public debate at the time of the last election. Instead it was sprung on the city well after votes were cast.

The sale of City Care was to have been completed by the end of June but this deadline passed and a special general meeting of the council to approve a sale late last month was cancelled.

“It’s time for Christchurch voters to have their say.”

“Let’s put democracy ahead of repeating the failures of the 1980s and 90s when our national assets were privatised by successive Labour and National governments.”


John Minto

KOA (Keep our Assets Canterbury) Candidate for Mayor

John Minto Announced As Keep Our Assets’ Candidate for Christchurch Mayor


Please Come To July 23rd Campaign Planning Meeting

WEA, 59 Gloucester St, 10-12


KOA (Keep Our Assets Canterbury) announced today that well-known political activist John Minto will be standing as the KOA candidate for Christchurch Mayor in the coming local body election.

We are standing a candidate because we want to stop the City Council selling our city assets.

The proposed, imminent, sale of City Care is a betrayal of Christchurch residents who have NEVER voted for asset sales.

We will have the debate the city should have had but was denied by the current Council.

As well as stopping asset sales we have developed a series of bold policies to address the big problems faced by city residents. More details of these policies will be announced in due course but they include:

  • Free and frequent public transport to all parts of the city.
  • Building a minimum 1,000 extra Council houses in the next three years.
  • The living wage as the minimum pay rate for all Council work – to be paid from reductions in senior management salaries.
  • Ending the corporate stranglehold on the rebuild with steep rate increases on undeveloped land in the CBD.
  • All Canterbury rivers to be swimmable (rather than “wadeable”)

As part of the announcement today we emphasised we are not standing a candidate to “wave the flag” on asset sales. We are standing to win the mayoralty.

The success of this campaign will depend on how many activists and supporters are able to give time and energy to support this campaign leading up the election on 8 October.

We are inviting all KOA supporters and those in the wider progressive movement to come to a campaign planning meeting on Saturday 23 July, 10am to 12noon at the WEA building, 59 Gloucester Street. EVERYONE WELCOME.

At that meeting KOA Convenor Murray Horton and John will speak about the campaign and we welcome your ideas and energy.

We are looking forward to seeing you on Saturday 23 July.

From now, you can get involved with, and/or donate to, the Minto for Mayor campaign at http://mintoformayor.org.nz/

Murray Horton

KOA Convenor