Corruption in Christchurch – Do you have a question for Gerry Brownlee?

Corruption in Christchurch – Do you have a question for Gerry Brownlee?


Last week Greater Christchurch Regeneration Minister Gerry Brownlee sent me a letter in response to a blog I wrote about four of his wealthy constituents getting $595,000New Picture each for land remediation after the September 2010 earthquake when they would have been entitled to only $20,000 each from EQC.

The original story in the Press is here.

The blog I wrote about it is here.

Mr Brownlee’s letter to me is attached to the end of this blogpost. He is offering a briefing from EQC’s senior leadership team, the Insurance Council of New Zealand and Regenerate Christchurch to let me know how they go about their business.

A cynic may say Brownlee’s letter is an attempt to bury – under a mountain of erroneous detail, confusion and diversion – what appears to be a straightforward case of corrupt practice. Is it an attempt to shift the blame from the Minister to nameless officials in government agencies?

Keep Our Assets Canterbury, for whom I’m standing as a mayoral candidate in Christchurch, is following up on the Minister’s offer.

However, I am following up with questions to the Minister about the government’s gold-plated decision for Fendalton but readers may also have questions for Gerry Brownlee on this rotten deal or on other aspects of the earthquake, the rebuild or government priorities for Christchurch.

If you have questions for Gerry Brownlee please include them in the comments section below. We will collate them and send them direct to the Minister for answers.

Originally published on the Daily Blog