The KOA Charter on Quality Public Services

The KOA Charter on Quality Public Services


KOA has released its Charter on Quality Public

Predicated on the assertion that quality public services are essential for the development of a fair, prosperous and democratic society the charter underpins Keep Our Assets commitment to our community’s well being.

Decisions by us, for us, made here
“Great cities are known for their architecture; truly great cities are known for the way their citizens treat each other” said KOA mayoral candidate John Minto. “Clearly the corporate rebuild of our City has been an objective failure, it is time for a people’s centred agenda” added Minto.

The fundamental importance of Quality Public Services is in building communities that are economically and environmentally sustainable, based on social and economic justice.

Release of the Charter coincided with the Minto for Mayor endorsement by the ‘Jobs that Count campaign whose candidate pledge calls, in part, for putting families first, “so they can live a good, full life – with warm dry housing and food on the table”.

The Jobs that Count Candidate Pledge

I’ll be there
As an elected member of local government, I take the Jobs that Count pledge to make our towns and cities better places to live and work.
I stand for people.
I will put our families and kids first, so they can live a good, full life – with warm dry housing and food on the table.
I stand for good jobs.
I will promote people’s voices at work, fair pay, and the fundamental right to be a union member.
I stand for the things that matter.
I will ensure the businesses that operate in our community are fair employers, keep our rivers clean, and sustain our natural environment.
I stand for community.
We all benefit when we look out for each other