For a peoples’ Christchurch – Decisions by us, for us, made here

Why Vote Minto For Mayor

A bit about me

I live in Waltham, Christchurch after moving from Auckland in 2014. Most of my working life I’ve been a physics and science teacher in New Zealand secondary schools.

I’m standing as the KOA (Keep Our Assets Canterbury) candidate for Christchurch Mayor because:

  • We want to stop the council selling city assets and helping make the rich richer and the city poorer

  • We want free public transport to end congestion on our roads and save money on new roads

  • We want every Christchurch family to live in a warm, dry, affordable home

  • We want Christchurch workers to earn enough to keep their families safe and healthy at a decent standard of living

  • We want to end the corporate stranglehold on the city rebuild

  • We want a more equal city which is fairer for everyone.
  • KOA Charter on Quality Public Services

    Facing up to the challenges

    KOA (Keep Our Assets Canterbury) believes:

  • Quality public services available to everyone, at central and local government level, are essential for New Zealand society to be fair, prosperous and democratic.

  • Such services must be universal and of high quality. They must serve the public interest and the common good of the whole society.

  • These services must be freely accessible to everyone irrespective of means.

  • These services must include all areas of essential services to enable all citizens, including the most vulnerable, to become active and engaged participants in a democratic society.

  • These services include the provision of housing, public transport, water, cultural and sporting facilities as well as the extension of community-wide educational opportunities.

  • These services must meet the challenges of climate change and assist in rehabilitating human impact on the environment.

  • These conditions enable public services to nourish and enrich our lives and to promote solidarity within our communities. Christchurch City Council must provide strong leadership at local government level, and in conjunction with central government, to establish, maintain and enhance these services to meet the needs and aspirations of all the city’s residents.

    Our Policies = Real Solutions

    My commitment to you

    Keep our assets – A Minto-led council will abandon all plans to sell council assets and look for opportunities to bring strategic assets back under community ownership and control. This will save money and help reduce future rate increases.

    Free and Frequent public transport – A Minto-led council will end the stress and waste of time in traffic congestion. Comfortable, modern, low-emission buses and trains, with free wifi, would provide free and frequent travel to all parts of the city. This policy will save money because it’s much cheaper than building more roads and is much better for the environment.

    A decent affordable home for every family – A Minto-led council will build a minimum of 1,000 affordable council rental (or rent to own) homes in the first term as mayor. Every family needs a warm, dry home and the market is only building for middle and high income earners. This will be funded through borrowing which will be paid back by council tenants.

    The living wage for Christchurch workers – A Minto-led council will pay a minimum of the living wage ($19.25 per hour) to council employees and those employed under contract to do council work. At the same time we will set the maximum pay at the council at $160,000 – four times the living wage. (317 staff are being paid over $100,000 and 11 paid over $200,000) The council will lead the way for other employers to follow.

    A people’s city rather than a corporate city – A Minto-led council will end the corporate stranglehold on the city earthquake rebuild with steep increases in rates on undeveloped land in the CBD. We will also create a “local zone” in the centre of town to showcase products and services created here in Canterbury.

    End the water crisis – A Minto-led council will insist that all Canterbury rivers be swimmable – nothing less is acceptable for our children and grandchildren.

    John Minto / Mayoral Candidate