POLICY 3. Canterbury’s water crisis

For a peoples’ Christchurch – Decisions by us, for us, made here

Minto for Mayor Solution

Lobby to make all Canterbury rivers swimmable

  • Christchurch City Council to lobby and campaign for all rivers in Canterbury to be swimmable – nothing less should be acceptable for the people of this region.
  • Abandon any planning to introduce “user charges” for domestic water and/or wastewater.
  • No ratepayer subsidies for irrigation schemes.
  • What would this look like?

    Pressure on un-elected body ECAN

    This will mean pressure on the unelected body ECAN to work in the interests of the community rather than corporate farmers in unsustainable agricultural businesses.

    Minto for Mayor Statement

    New Zealand seen as hypocritical

    Note: Canterbury is not a natural home for dairying and the massive government subsidies for irrigation (hundreds of millions) are old fashioned farming subsidies in drag.

    New Zealand will be seen as a hypocrite in countries where we are heavily critical of their dairy subsidies.

    John Minto / Mayoral Candidate