POLICY 2. End the corporate stranglehold on city earthquake rebuild

For a peoples’ Christchurch – Decisions by us, for us, made here

Stop the corporate stranglehold

How the corporate stranglehold affects you - Background

The government has made it clear it wants a private sector led recovery with government and Council as facilitators. There was to be minimal involvement from what the pedlars of power regard as meddling bureaucrats. We were told that unleashing the much-claimed efficiency of the private sector would see the city transformed more quickly than a central democratic plan could facilitate.

So why is so much of the area within the four avenues still a barren landscape? Why is the city hamstrung by private sector paralysis?

For the answer, see John Minto’s article in The Press on the corporate stranglehold earlier this year (Click here – ref. Stuff.co.nz)

Minto for Mayor Solution

Remove corporate Christchurch model

  • Steep increases in rates on undeveloped land in Central Christchurch.
  • Revisit the “Share an Idea” outcome for a people’s Christchurch rather than the corporate Christchurch model being driven by Gerry Brownlee on behalf of the government.
  • Use rates relief to encourage small and medium sized local businesses to relocate to a city council “locals zone” in the redeveloped city centre. This would put Canterbury “front and centre” in the rebuild rather than a swathe of bland foreign corporates dominating the cityscape.
  • Use undeveloped land in the central city for council-supervised freedom camping.
  • CCC leadership to stand up against bullying from the beehive.

What would this cost?

No cost

The savings from increased rates on undeveloped land would more than cover the costs of providing water and toilets for freedom camping. Freedom campers stay longer and spend more money than transient “5-star” tourists.

Note: There has been a tussle between Christchurch and Wellington for policy direction especially since the earthquakes. The government wants to use the crisis to reshape Christchurch as a corporate city rather than a people’s city. For example the council did a huge amount of excellent work through the “Share an Idea” process following the devastating earthquakes but this was dumped by the government in favour of a corporate Christchurch.

John Minto / Mayoral Candidate