For a peoples’ Christchurch – Decisions by us, for us, made here

Minto for Mayor Solution

Stop the sell-off

Abandon all plans to sell council assets and look for opportunities to bring strategic assets back under community ownership and control.

What would this look like?

Immediate action

Christchurch City Council would:

  • halt the proposed sale of City Care.
  • end the Council’s $600 million so-called “capital release” program (selling assets) which includes borrowing by council organisations to pay the council dividends!

What would this cost?

No cost

The projected budget deficit (a fanciful $1.2 billion used to justify the asset sale program) would be removed by rescheduling the building of “anchor” projects, making savings from existing budgets and pressuring the government to pay “whatever it takes” (John Key’s words) to get Christchurch up and running again. Note: The 1931 Napier earthquake rebuild was paid in full by the government which wrote off the City’s rebuild loans in 1938.

John Minto / Mayoral Candidate